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private security services and training

Overwatch Security Group

Experienced. Professional. Effective.

Overwatch Security Group can provide all of your consulting, investigation, protection, security, security training, firearms training and secure transport needs.

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Security Consulting

Overwatch Security Group can provide an in-depth analysis of your security needs. We will conduct a thorough risk and needs assessment of your critical infrastructure and provide the best-recommended solution to protect against threats and vulnerabilities for your security needs and peace of mind.

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Overwatch Security Group has fully licensed and experienced private investigators with several years of experience as federal law enforcement investigators as well as in the private sector. Our investigators specialize in:

  • Background Investigations
  • Corporate Espionage and Sabotage
  • Internal Business / Corporate Investigations
  • Interview / Interrogation
  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  • Worker’s Compensation Cases

*Overwatch does not take domestic cases that involve adultery, child custody, etc.

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What They are Saying

Professional Protection Services

Overwatch Security Group provides protection specialists who worked for the Federal Witness Protection Program. All of the Protection Specialists protected and relocated persons within the program without incident.

We will thoroughly evaluate the threat level, provide you with an assessment and protection plan. Once this plan meets your approval, the protection plan will be fully implemented.

The leadership team of Overwatch Security Group provided protection services to several key political figures, dignitaries and celebrities.

We can provide protection for you, your loved ones and/or your colleagues anywhere in the world!

Professional Security Services

Overwatch Security Group provides 24-hour or as-needed armed security coverage for your every need. Most of our specialists have military, law enforcement, firefighter and/or paramedic backgrounds. We realize that not all incidents can be foreseen, so we are available for you at any given hour for your security needs.

Overwatch has the ability to place armed protection teams in your buildings before, during, and after natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and civil unrest to protect your property, minimize your losses, and reduce your liability. While still active law enforcement officers, members of the Management Team of Overwatch conducted duties in the New Orleans region after Hurricane Katrina. Members of our Management Team founded the Fraternal Order of Police’s first Disaster Assistance Unit which assisted law enforcement officers after a natural or man-made disaster. Our team members are NIMS and ICS certified. Our noteworthy accomplishments of Hurricane Katrina can be found in Patrick Yoes’ book entitled ‘Chest Deep and Rising”.

Because of the background of our security specialists, we are not your typical “observe and report” security company. We attempt to resolve issues that arise while providing security for your property.

Secure Transport

Overwatch Security Group provides high-value escorts throughout Florida, the United States and all US territories. We have been escorting jewelry sales representatives and their products since 2013. Since then, we have successfully completed more than 1800 escorts.

Overwatch can provide you with armed and discrete protection for you and your valuable assets. We will escort you or pick-up item(s) that you need safely and securely taken to another location in the United States and worldwide. We provide lockable containers and security seals. Our specialists have extensive backgrounds ensuring your valuable items arrive safely from one destination to another.