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private security services and training

Overwatch Security Group Surviving Lethal Encounters

Overwatch Security Group conducts training sessions on how to survive lethal encounters using handguns.
Topics include weapon retention, clothing considerations, drawing your firearm under a threat, continuing the fight and surviving after being wounded, reloading techniques (one-handed & two-handed), etc.

There will be several instructors on-site and you will get one-on-one instruction. We have designed stress courses, down & disabled courses, and other courses to instill reality.

The class will be limited to 20 participants. The cost of the class is $90 and must be pre-paid.

Each participant will need a handgun, at least two magazines, 100 rounds of ammo and a holster.

We will have ammunition for sale for $40 per box (our cost) for 38 Special, 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP.

Please click below to register or call 904-770-2745. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards are accepted.