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Tactical Medicine / Close Quarters Pistol (TacMed) Training

Overwatch Security Group TacMed Training

Back by popular demand!

Audience: This is a Tactical Medicine (TCCC)/care under fire and Close Quarters Pistol course designed for anyone who wants to learn how to care for themselves or others in a bad situation. Being able to perform the necessary measures to save lives and if needed know how to utilize a pistol to protect life.

Scope: This is a 4-hour hemorrhage control (stop the bleed) medical course coupled with a 4 hour close quarters pistol course. This is a VERY hands on class! You will be applying all types of hemostatic dressings, wound packing, tourniquets & performing causality movement techniques, more. The medical portion of this class will be taught by Max Boswell at Advanced Tactical Provider. Max is a recognized subject matter expert whose knowledge and experience in this field are unsurpassed.

The firearms portion of the course is instructed by Kevin Dylus of Blue Ridge Marksmanship. This is also a very intense class with focus on accuracy and surviving the ambush, regardless of where it happens at. The pistol portion starts with fundamentals of close quarter pistol craft and moves to techniques for fighting in close quarters including retention shooting and lots of work shooting from seated positions and in and around vehicles.

Upon the successful completion of this course you will receive two certifications, one being a nationally recognized medical certification.

This is a solid 8-hour training day 8:00am to 4:00pm with 30 minutes for a working lunch. It is highly recommend that you bring your lunch. It is also recommended you have snacks.

Areas of Instruction:
Use of hemostatic control agents
Use of tourniquets
Use of improvised tourniquets
Wound packing
Tactical Medical Methodology
Evaluation of your ability to perform under stress
Retention Shooting
Extreme close in shooting
Multi Threat engagements
Shoot/ no-Shoot decision making drills
Vehicle counter ambush
Awkward shooting

Prerequisites and Physical Requirements:
Student should be prepared to train in all weather
Student must possess the physical strength and stamina to fire their firearms in shooting drills.
Student should be physically able to get up and down from standing, kneeling positions.

Required Equipment:
Pistol in good working order with at least 3 magazines
Belt mounted, dominant side holster that covers the trigger
Magazine Pouch
Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide
Clothing that may get fake blood on it or dirty
Cap with brim (baseball or boonie style)
T-Shirt with crew neck collar (no V-necks)
Long pants (no shorts)
Jacket or vest for concealed carry
Light hiking boots or running shoes. NO open toed shoes allowed!
Hearing protection (available upon request, no charge)
Wrap around eye protection (available upon request, no charge)
Sunscreen / Bug Spray
Foul weather clothing
Note taking materials
350 rounds of range ammo (available for purchase)

If you do not possess any of the above gear or have ammunition selection questions, please contact Overwatch as far out from the course date as possible

Optional Equipment
Knee pads
Long sleeve ‘Sun’ shirt (can be button type)

The cost is $249 per person. Please click below to register or call 904-770-2745. A deposit is required at the time of registration. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards are accepted.